SComm32 Communications OCX



. Break
. CDHolding
. Commevent
. CommName
. CommPort
. CTSHolding
. DSRHolding
. DTREnable
. EOFChar
. EOFEnable
. EvtChar
. EvtCharEnable
. Handshaking
. InBufferCount
. InBufferSize
. Input
. InputLen
. InputMode
. NullDiscard
. OutBufferCount
. OutBufferSize
. Output
. OverlappedIO
. ParityReplace
. PortOpen
. Read
. RThreshold
. RTSEnable
. Settings
. SThreshold

OnComm Event
Hardware/Cables etc
Loopback Test Plug


Sets or Retrieves the state of the RTS line.

MSComm32 and SComm32 have the same syntax and functionality


SComm1.RTSEnable = value

value = SComm1.RTSEnable

value:- A Boolean Expression indicating the current state of the RTSEnable property.

SComm1.RTSEnable = True


While the port is open this property can be used to set the state of the RTS line on or off. If set before the port is opened then this value takes effect as soon as the port is opened and go off again as soon as the port is closed.