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OnComm Event
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Loopback Test Plug


Sets or Retrieves the property indicating whether an OnComm event is generated when the EOF control code/character is detected in the receive buffer.

MSComm32 and SComm32 have the same syntax and functionality.


SComm1.EOFEnable = True

value = SComm1.EOFEnable

value:- A Boolean Expression. Default is False.

SComm1.EOFEnable = True

If SComm1.EOFEnable = True Then
   MsgBox ("EOFEnable is True ")
   MsgBox ("EOFEnable is False ")
End If


If enabled this property will cause an OnComm event to be triggered when the EOF control character is read by the Input property.

Note that MSComm32 can only detect the DOS EOF character (Ascii 26). Our SComm32 can detect any ascii character. Configured via the EOFChar property