SComm32 Communications OCX



. Break
. CDHolding
. Commevent
. CommName
. CommPort
. CTSHolding
. DSRHolding
. DTREnable
. EOFChar
. EOFEnable
. EvtChar
. EvtCharEnable
. Handshaking
. InBufferCount
. InBufferSize
. Input
. InputLen
. InputMode
. NullDiscard
. OutBufferCount
. OutBufferSize
. Output
. Output
. ParityReplace
. PortOpen
. Read
. RThreshold
. RTSEnable
. Settings
. SThreshold

OnComm Event
Hardware/Cables etc
Loopback Test Plug


Retrieves the state of the DSR liine.

Read Only at runtime.

MSComm32 and SComm32 have the same syntax and functionality


value = SComm1.DSRHolding

value:- A Boolean Expression indicating the current state of the DSR line.

If SComm1.DSRHolding = True Then
   MessageBox.Show("DSR is On")
   MessageBox.Show("DSR is Off")
End If


When connecting two devices, computers etc via their RS232 ports the DSR on one device is usually connected to the DTR on the other. When a remote device is powered up and ready to communicate it usually sets its DTR line ON which would be detected by the remote device as a change in the state of its DSR line.