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Topic:   vb6 hangs after adding scomm control

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 20 2016 at 02:02:15 AM
i'm using vb6 on windows 10 and having issue with mscomm(cannot receive data). After first scomm32 installation, it works fine on my vb6, can add component, running, communicating via usb-serial rs232 device.

But after reboot (or upgrade or hangs with bluescreen, i'm not sure). I cannot load written project with scomm32 inside, after all, i cannot add scomm32 component, vb6 will freeze after clicking apply when checking 'scomm32x v9' like that....

Any solution???

By: SupportPosted on: Oct 20 2016 at 06:28:49 PM
Sorry no. I never heard of anything like that before. Nobody ever reported anything like it.

I think you are saying that it worked once but then after rebooting the computer and open the project vb6 crashes when you you go to the 'add components' dialog to add the scomm32 component to the toolbox.

Is that what you mean? (sorry i didn't know what you meant by 'upgrade'.)

If the project already has scomm32 in it then you shouldn't need to add it to the toolbox again. Even so it shouldn't cause vb6 to hang.

Sorry. I know I'm not being much help. But,as I said, I've never heard of anything like this before.

Have you tried anything else? Maybe reinstall scomm32 from our downloaded installer to make sure the ocx is corrrectly registered.

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 20 2016 at 07:26:57 PM
Microsoft recently rolled out their "anniversay update" for Windows 10.

Its one of their biggest updates and it broke a few of my development environments.
.Net framework 2 went missing. Some of my windows CE development tools uninstalled themselves as did the Compact Framework 3.5 for windows CE development.

I don't use vb6 on windows 10 (I prefer to run VS6 in a VM running XP) but it wouldn't surprise me if the win10 anniversary update screwed up quite a few older programs.

As support said. Try reinstalling scomm32 to make sure it's correctly registered.

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Topic:- vb6 hangs after adding scomm control

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