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Topic:   SComm32 versions

By: Bruce_MPosted on: Aug 15 2019 at 08:46:26 PM
I have an application for controlling a relay and reading a temperature probe that I wrote to be compatible with every version of Windows from 95 to 10. Which versions of SComm32 will work for this? Or do I need to stick with MSComm32?

By: Bruce_MPosted on: Aug 16 2019 at 04:51:38 AM
I should have mentioned that I wrote the program using Visual Basic 6.0.

By: SupportPosted on: Aug 16 2019 at 03:13:39 PM
Bruce. You're asking which version of SComm32. Do you you have multiple versions of SComm32?

If you're packaging and deploying your application using something like the VB6 Setup and Deployment Wizard then you just need to include SComm32.OCX in the product package so it's registered the same as any other OCX with your application and it should work.

On the other hand if MSComm32 is working why would you change it? You're looking at SComm32 so I assume there's some reason why MSComm32 isn't working.

SComm32 forever as a free demo so give it a try.

By: Bruce_MPosted on: Aug 17 2019 at 05:30:28 PM
I will give it a try. MSComm32 mostly works, but sometimes after an hour or so of continuous use it stops working. Since I use it to control beer brewing equipment, stopping is unacceptable.

By: steve vPosted on: Sep 13 2019 at 10:49:32 AM
I had the same problem with MSComm32. Switched to registered SComm32 and problem went away.
This is using a VB6 app. For some reason I think the pointer to the address of the input buffer gets corrupted causing an attempt to read from the buffer at an unknown far away memory location.

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Topic:- SComm32 versions

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